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Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Posted October 29, 2013 by aytekin in OCEAN

While hovercrafts already exist, we’re still waiting for mass-produced ones that we can ride to work day after day or have fun on the summer vacations. To make this real American design firm Mercier-Jones has developed a futuristic, fully-realized take on the hovercraft. 

The new Mercier-Jones Hovercraft has taken design cues from a number of supercars and Mercier-Jones have equipped their new vehicle with a unique directional control system which has been designed to make driving a hovercraft as easy to drive as a car. It also has a hybrid powerplant that uses a gasoline engine that powers a series of electric fans.  This hopefully would take care of the other current issue of hovercrafts, noise.

The Mercier-Jones Hovercraft first prototype has just been unveiled at the Charlotte Auto Fair. If you are interested in Mercier-Jones Hovercraft you have to wait till the deliveries start in summer 2014.